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              Helping men find identity and recover their heart in this crazy world we call home

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"Greg was so helpful in many ways during a time in my life of huge change. Life Coaching helped me find the joy God wants me to have, helped restore my heart, and my dreams of who am I, and the promise that God wants me to be joyful. I am so glad and blessed that I did the sessions with Greg. I am closer in my walk with the Lord, my family, and my friends. I didn't fail! God rescued me. Life Coaching was the tool that helped me see what God always had planned for me."

"Greg, no small credit goes to you ...

I am amazingly at peace about moving

on toward restoration ...

Thank you so much - you truly ministered to me

with the hand of God. Thanks again for being

part of my healing journey."


                                                                                                                                                                      Coach Greg Tutwiler
Learn how to get past the hurdles and road blocks.
Understand how your values influence outcome.
Set boundaries, clean out the clutter. And most importantly,

How God's plans set the tone for everything you do.

Christian Coaching is not preaching, or therapy. At its core is the foundational principles Jesus offered when he announced his public ministry found in the book of Isaiah, chapter 61.

... healing for the brokenhearted ...
... to proclaim good news ...
... to proclaim freedom ...
... release from darkness ...

Author Steve Sonderman says lingering questions like 
What is true masculinity? What is success? How do I deal with feelings of guilt? What does a healthy marriage look like? and, What is my purpose? are haunting men today.

"Men are looking for action,"  he says."Men are looking for relevance.They want to be involved in a cause greater than themselves.They want a shot at greatness, and want to be challenged. Men are looking for true leaders (and want to become leaders); they are looking for fun, for brothers, and for healing. And men want to be spoken to in their language."

Christian Coaching For Men helps you discover the real you by understanding the real God who put you here for a real reason.

Give Coaching a try today - We offer an introductory session at no cost to you., or text to 540.433.0360.

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